ChallengeLine Business Jets
The  Citationjet  CJ2 !

With a cruising speed of more than 750 km/h (472 MPH)
you reach your destination fast, secure and relaxed. The maximum range is approximately 2.600 km (1,615 Miles).Excellent climb rates and an altitude of up to 45,000 ft result in calm flights in bright sunshine above all clouds.
The remarkably calm and air conditioned cabin
possesses six leather passenger seats, a spacious working environment, a galley and a toilet. Our CJ 2 has two large luggage compartments where you can even transport bulky ski equipment.
Thanks to modern instruments
and avionics the aircraft is approved for flights at night and adverse weather conditions. Even a Ground Proximity Warning System, Traffic Alert And Collision Avoidance System and Weather Radar assist our well trained professional pilots.
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