ChallengeLine Business Jets
Welcome on board !

are a small business aviation company with homebase at the Augsburg airport. More and more managers and businessmen take advantage of private business jets exclusively used to fit their personal schedules. At ChallengeLine, your itinerary is our flight schedule and you can invest your time efficiently.

Start your trip relaxed with ChallengeLine:
- check-in 20 minutes before departure
- parking without any problems at most smaller General Aviation   Airports
- no waiting lines like there are in crowded terminals of big airports
- less delays than at major airports with their inflexible slot   schedules

can easily hold meetings or prepare for your business appointment in our comfortable and quiet cabin. As a matter of course our selection of catering and drinks leaves nothing to be desired.
Our crew and aircraft
are completely at your disposal. If your meeting takes longer than expected, our pilots are just one phone call away for any change in the schedule. Therefore you do not only save time but also expensive overnight stays. You can also combine several appointments at different destinations!
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